The greener the grass looks, the wider the flowers spread their wings, the softer the wind blows!! in all this to happen there’s always someone watering the garden and nurturing them!! Day and night taking care and weeping for the each petal that falls down, trying fix every broken branches🌷 There is ALWAYS someone taking care of everything thats how life works.. If one day the plants dont get the love they always got, they start to loosen from the ends, sun tries to burn them more deeper and one day, that one day That beautiful garden presents a horrific scene.. That day the trees are sad, and the butterflies have broken wings and the wind has lost its softness 🥀🥀🥀🎋🍂 Isnt our life so much like this too? So depending on someone to love care and nurture us? What if oneday someone decides to just leave and destroy what ever they sow, wont you ask yourself did they really loved? Did the gardener really cared for each fallen leaf of his garden? Because when you love someone its never about what they give you back, but it’s about keep doing for them just to see them glow and rise because their pain is your pain🌷🌼🌚 .